Sometimes we tend to seek out forgotten spaces. For various reasons. To reminisce, to procrastinate, to go back to a better time. This space was a great time for Claire and I. It was a space to collect happy memories, to reflect.

We’re almost a month in to 2018 and 5 years on from the last post. Much, yet not much has changed.

The months and years that’ve gone by have had their own highlights. Those to come will have their own challenges. Lots of things change, people come and go. The constancy of this space remains appealing. It remains a good space to pen down little signposts for the years to come.

Love and support comes in different forms and I have been on the receiving end of them all this year. The nagging kind of love, the worried kind of love, the unwavering patience and support kind of love. These frustrate you, empower you and give you the strength to type your way out of the darkest places.

Focus, confidence and resilience are my words for 2018. And to invest more time, love and care into the people who’ve contributed nothing but positivity into my world thus far. To be kind in thoughts and actions to everyone. To be at ease with my change in priorities this year.

Let’s go.




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