A portmanteau of Breakfast and Lunch

As we gather to witness to blissful union of Breakfast and Lunch, lets take a look at their journey to this blessed union…

Food historians will have you believe that brunch

– in its earliest form, might have been a post-iliketoshootanimals luxurious meal (perhaps to eat away the guilt? Oooh, equally twisted).

– might have had a more scared beginnings. The Sunday practice of Catholics who fast before mass and sit down to a large midday meal after.

I like them food historians, but I also like this Guy. Guy Beringer. He knew the practicality of brunch– it allows you to get intoxicated on a weekend night of choice (usually Saturday), sleep in and still be able to wake up the next day to a meal that is sufficient to make up for the glorious breakfast time lost and tiptoe into the early lunchtime found. Whether there is intoxication involved or not, Brunch is fantabulous and Perth is the perfect place to enjoy brunch. We’re not short of brunch places that’s for sure.  Unfortunately my taste aren’t particularly astute when it comes to this late morning meal. They just dive head in and drown. It will soon be apparent in the illustrations below, that by the time the food arrives in front of me I have utter disregard for my brunch companion’s wishes to photograph this momentous occasion. Or my waistline for that matter.


Once in a while though, I imagine that the magic of brunch can be achieved in my own kitchen. Don’t get my wrong, its not always a failure. I present my latest – Banana, chia seed and almond meal pancakes with blueberry sauce. Like their other healthy, home made counterparts, they sure as hell came out of the pan screaming ” I look awful but I taste good ! “.


Thank you so much Greta for the lovely recipe and I know I didn’t do it justice but I’ll be sure to keep practising !

To the Mondayitis, and to all the brunches, lunches or meals in general that I miss having with Claire.



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