It’s been a week since  I sat in the cinema and watched this movie. I think I’m … still not ready to talk about it.

So my tear glands were in overdrive at several points in the movie. Despite firm reassurances from D, I have this nagging suspicion that I am coming across as weird with this confession. I might get more head nods if I were to say it was emotionally intense. But bawl inducing? I’m not sure. Please back me up someone.

In my defense, the amount of hopelessness is overwhelming. As is the silence of space. Both of which are fear inducing. I can feel my palms threatening to sweat as I type this.

As such, the movie is mind blowing to me. The number of movies that have such a profound effect on my emotions are few in number. I’m not sure if my movie vocabulary knows enough to think of any movie that has made use of sound or the absence of it in a soundtrack so effectively. I’d like to express my respect for Sandra Bullock but I think its getting too much. As such, I’ll leave it here with a totally irrelevant picture.

Weird stance that freaks D out/ Dotti Denim/ New Look Skater Dress/ Charles and Keith flats/ my dump all bag from drink of choice : Soy Chai Latte with Honey.

May you never have to float away in space against your will.



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