Rocks, Rocks, Rocks, Rocks, Rocks, Rocks.





Been seeing quite alot of Red Foo on the telly recently.

To put this poorly, I climbed up and down some rocks some time ago. No, let’s be proper. I went abseiling and rock climbing . I find it amusing that my palms are still sweaty from excitement as I type this. I surprised myself by saying “Yeah I’d be keen!” and venturing to Boya Quarry early one Saturday morning. 

Pictorial evidence is limited and you’ll just have to take my word for it. I leaned backwards and walked down a cliff a couple of times and then climbed with my bare hands up another rock face. 

Aside from being adventurous and stepping outside of the comfort zone, it was a a great way to see parts of Western Australia that I’d never get to see. 

And as I sit here, nursing an URTI while entertaining miserable thoughts, my only regret is babying myself a little too much and convincing myself that I didn’t need to climb that entire rock face. But my loving mother will disagree fiercely. 


Happy Birthday Queen !




One thought on “Rocks, Rocks, Rocks, Rocks, Rocks, Rocks.

  1. Well done, babe!! All ah bu are the same. I was so scared when Fon went for her first skiing.

    Drink lots of cranberry juice and you will be fine. It works!!

    Love you lots,

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