5 Things.


Going for a long (or not so long) walk on an unexpectedly nice day.

Perth weather has been a bit of a tease. Now and then, in a midst of awful rainy, windy week, it drops the most gorgeous warm sunny day . If its on a weekend, well bonus ! Perhaps its a reminder to be more spontaneous or a reminder to take those out death pale legs for a tan.


Cartoon band aids.

As I feel like my work diary/planner no longer should have little forest animals, so do my band aids no longer have Piglet. So its nice when a dear friend comes to your rescue when you slice your finger cutting some cake (don’t ask me how) and the only one she has is a Disney Princess one. Can’t say no to that one.


Restaurants with open kitchens.

Something about an open kitchen. For some, its the comfort of knowing your food isn’t microwaved when you order ( I doubt anybody thinks that though) . For others, its appreciating that contrast of a peaceful relaxed ambience in the dining area and the high energy, bustling inner workings of a kitchen. Yay or nay to open kitchens?  By the way, this open kitchen belongs to The Precinct in Victoria park. I am in love with several things on their menu. As would you, I’m sure.


Gluten free chocolate cake.

“I taste better than I look”, say most of the baked goods that come out of my oven. And I have no explanation for that. I got this recipe from the amazing Karen Cheng . My first time working with almond meal and I was expecting a lighter fluffier chocolate cake but those whom I force fed commented that it resembled a brownie. I’ll take it and consider that a win. Win !


Participating in Book Week.

I’m usually abit of a wet blanket when it comes to any kiddy activities. Perhaps I swallowed a fly or something the week before and happily agreed to dress up as my favourite book character. Sorry Harry, you aren’t necessarily my favourite, but my wardrobe had more ‘Harry Potter’ rather than ‘Coraline’ or ‘where’s Wally’. (Trust me, it was a long and hard battle of “does my face look big in this photo?” )

Friday draws near !



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