Weekends are gold

Since I’ve started work, weekends have been so precious to me. And on weekdays, I just want to flop in bed after I get home from work. Ahh, so this is what the working world is like. I have been neglecting this space too much, sorry sherry ): 

So last weekend was my dad’s birthday, we went to Shangri-La Hotel and had the international buffet at The Line. It was very average, not worth it for the price we paid IMO. 







Apparently the oysters were really really fresh, unfortunately my taste buds do not appreciate oysters at all. not atas enough. Image 



Sunday night was birthday celebration part two, so we went to Yummy Recipes at Kallang. Because of its ulu location, I didnt think too much about it. However, the place was pretty crowded and the food was surprisingly good! 





I ordered this vegetable juice because it was a nice colour and it ended up being so sour and funky- tasting. Because he loves me, he ended up drinking everything for me hehe 


This was sooooo good!



Ending abruptly because i’m so exhausted, need sleeeeeeeeeep! I’ll do better the next time round 😀 



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