“You named a bee after me?”

The days dragged on this week and by the time it got to Friday, I was spent and my body in protest. And it hasn’t backed down. Even after a lovingly cooked dinner and a weekend full of TLC, my body is pwning my mood and weekend. So no grand adventure but a weekend with the great Sherlock Holmes.

We caught up with half a season’s worth of Elementary. Truth be told, my heart was set on Benedict Cumberbatch as my perfect Sherlock and I thought this Joan Watson idea was going to be awful. But 24 episodes later, I feel like I’ve cheated on Benedict (heehee).

But we’ll talk Joan Watson today. Costumer designer Rebecca Hofherr decks Watson out in the stores that we all shop in, like Zara, H&M. And that’s the thing ! I realized Watson’s style doesn’t need edge, it’s one that speaks confidence and intelligence. Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images
best-dressed-2 (1)
Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images
Image Source: Google Images

Winter in New York means sweaters, skirts, leggings and a trove of layering inspiration for the cold weather here. “She’s always in heels !” I exclaimed on several occasions. Strutting around crime scenes, AA meetings. everywhere ! How !

Image Source: Google Images


I’m giving myself till bedtime tonight to get over this serious bout of blues and Elementary withdrawals.

Have a good week !





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