What’s in a Habit?

Habit, can be defined as a repeated pattern of behaviour that occurs automatically. Perhaps, like the shortcuts of our neural pathways if you will. Every habit is made up of a …

1) The trigger that starts the behavior

2) The behavior itself

3) The reward you get from doing that behavior (www.jamesclear.com)

Incidentally, knowing about the structure of habit formation has been essential in knowing how to break certain harmful addictions such as drug or alcohol addictions. These have since formed the basis of many drug abuse intervention programs.

My fashion habit- I find myself headlining a certain piece in the wardrobe until I decide this cannot go on anymore. The trigger? Wondering what I’m going to wear when I know I have this, this and this on in a week. Not to mention, I get slightly grumpy about it. The behavior? Picking a piece and working around it. The reward? A better emotional, psychological and physiological state. Win. Lazy you say? Yeah, maybe.

This week? My old Mango boyfriend jacket…and cobalt. Perth has been gentle in its last week of Autumn and this jacket did the job.Plus, this jacket has history. Check out its previous owner here *fangirl squeal*.

Night out for Tapas with the Musos
Dinner with the girls

Midweek lunch date.


Time to change them habits !

Happy WA day !



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