Life’s a Circus.

A hectic week of meetings, training and work has left me uninspired on a Monday. Fear not, I’ll whinge about that in my own time.

I’m a sucker for having something to look forward to. This time, it was Cirque du Soleil’s oVo on a Friday night. Did I mention I was really excited? Yes, I was really excited. Every time I watch Cirque, I am nothing short of amazed. The artistic combination of live music, lights, performances, a concept. See how I type in short sentences? This means I am really excited.

The morning and afternoon before Cirque was a drag to get through. The last straw was  Perth peak hour traffic on a Friday. Getting home with less than an hour to shower and change? Crazy.



 Got picked up to chow down on some Flipside before Cirque. The burgers be massive but tasty ! Naturally, I was too busy chomping to remember it needed a picture. Thought I’d oblige the handsome cameraman with my best ‘duck’ face, when in actual fact, how I was looking most of the time was more like the bottom picture: zone out face.

Those of you who have been to Cirque shows know how strict they are on the no camera policy. So, apologies but you’ll have to be satisfied with official photos and my descriptions.

For oVo, the stage was transformed into an ecosystem. Each performance reflected so much detail.  Every flex of the foot and flick of the wrist looked so… insect-like! ‘Grasshopper’-men killing it on the trampoline and a ‘butterflies’ doing romatic aerial, ballet contortion act. It all makes sense ! Short sentences ! Even recalling it makes me excited !

Images taken from




For me, Cirque has taken our idea of the circus above and beyond.  The awe  in each of those acts and the fun in the atmosphere and storyline makes Cirque so incredible. It’s pretty much the perfect display of how humans continue to push our limits physically and creatively. And that’s magic isn’t it?

Shoes: Bimba and Lola; Croptop: Topshop; Skirt: Portmans; Necklace: Sportsgirl

I think this pretty much sums up the night for me: Tired but so so satisfying.


Ps. Photos taken with my Olympus EP-3. His formal introduction coming soon !


Monday blues be gone !

Sherry xo





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