Humidity and Jeans Hate Each Other

In my luggage.
I offer no excuses for the lack of writing, just simply, the lack of motivation. 😦  *shifty eyes, guilty expression*
I thought so much flying over the years might make me better at trying to organise bodily coverings during a trip. But in the end I still needed Polyvore for a bit of help.
So, the theme of the party:  Humidity and Jeans hate each other. Skirts, no sleeves, comfortable shoes. Spot the “I wish they were in my luggage” items.
So, how do you pack your luggage? Do you meticulously plan what you’d wear day to day? Put in ‘sets’ of outfits?  Or pull and toss?
Perhaps one day I’ll be able to fly with just a handbag and the knowledge that there will be  two well stocked, decent closets on either end waiting. Cheers to dreaming.

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