Young and wild and free

Spontaneity [ˌspɒntəˈniːɪtɪ -ˈneɪ-]

1. (Psychology) (often plural) the exhibiting of actions, impulses, or behaviour that are stimulated by internal processes
I like this definition. Because it starts with the word psychology and uses terms that I have gotten so familiar with for the last three years. Spontaneity, in other words, equate to spur of the moment. Something you do suddenly, something that hasn’t been evaluated thoroughly in your mind.
Buying a kid’s bowling set and playing with it in the middle of nowhere
Climbing up onto rooftops.
Going to the beach in the middle of the night and then swimming in the sea and shrieking about sea monsters
Blowing bubbles that smell like bananas in the finding nemo movie
going swimming after failing my paper hahaha i still cant believe it. we were having so much fun as though the paper could be re-taken the next day.
“I like spontaneity. I appreciate it since it is hard to come by in today’s world. Everything has to be flipped back and forth at least three times in my mind. Like a pancake. It is almost impossible to take road trips to nowhere anymore because we constantly need to be assured that there is wifi. No more skinny dips in the pool at midnight because we’re adults now and also we might get ‘stomped’. Everything is just missing spontaneity with a little dash of adventure.
First day of University, the sound of new pens rattling in someone’s metal smiggle pencil case, thrilled to be buying new books at the co-op, taking in the smell of fresh print and pages. A fresh start, an exciting beginning, renewed chances. Someone is thinking, okay this IS the year. I am going to get those distinctions, spend three hours reading up after each tutorial and lecture, whoopee. Few weeks down the road, lectures are the most mundane thing on the planet. The excitement has faded.
First date of a relationship. Every second is so precious. Next couple of dates, you spend hours and hours talking to each other, discovering the other person’s favourite colour, favourite toothpaste, favourite brand of underwear. You sneak out in the middle of the night to meet the love of your life, lie under the stars at Cafe Del Mar for hours, just basking in love. Couple of years down the road, ‘hey do you want to go lie down under the stars at the beach?’, ‘no, what the? i’d rather just stay home and watch tv. Look, how I met your mother is on now.’ Suddenly, you don’t feel so interesting anymore. She doesn’t give two hoots if your favourite brand of underwear has changed from being Calvin Klein to Mustafa’s house brand.
It seems like the spontaneity gene slowly dies as we grow older. Everything starts becoming mundane and routine-like. Sometimes, I find myself really craving for spontaneity. Most times, I just fall back in my bean bag, and save it for the ‘next time’.”

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