Fun in the Sun, but without Sunscreen at Angove

**I hope everyone is slurping up all the stuff that Claire is selling !  **

We can all agree on one thing: Weekends are precious. I’m pretty sure the cool people in Perth are nodding furiously. Which is why they’d close up an entire street, chuck in a 100 stalls selling food, trinkets, homewares, a pop up beer garden and have an entire day of awesome music. Families, couples, photographers, big and small dogs, its a spectacle at Angove Street Festival.

Perth is glittering with Street Festivals during Summer and Autumn. However, I have a serious thing for Angove Street, sans Festival. Just the right amount of cafes, a Mexican joint, a trendy fashion boutique and a few shops selling this and that. Call me simple, but thats the kind of street I need when I’ve had a rough first half of Friday and I need a quiet cuppa to recharge before I hit the weekend.

But add in the Festival, and now Angove Street and I have a serious affair going.

All images taken with my HTC OneX. Credits to D.

Right, let’s work through this mosaic together.

A 35 degree celsius day is perfect street festival weather day (not!). An old Forever New white eyelet sundress came in handy, paired up my few little pieces from Wanderlust and Co. .

D and I went there furiously hungry , so it was apt that we were greeted by massive pots of colourful paella (my pictures are shameful I apologise), Japanese dumplings and burgers . After wolfing down a delicious sausage hugged in an awesome bun, D insisted that we should pay Mr. Jerry Fraser a visit- TWICE. Every single one of them oysters were wholesome, fresh and tasted like the sea. Drip some tobasco, vinegarette, japanese sauce, lemon…I can’t even.

Keep walking and we walk into trinket heaven. Stall after stall, the glittering, the crafty, the cute (cue Paper Parasol).

Special mention to that ‘stag’ of a necklace from Faloumama, I can’t wait to wear it out. D remarked that if I stopped wearing it, he’d like to place it on a door (Never!).

Of course, no street festival would be complete without a few shops selling vintage pieces. I’d say its mostly self-restraint, but also that vintage shopping isn’t the same without Claire.

End off the trip with a cool Cucumber Collins ice pop, plop ourselves in front of the main stage, only to leave an hour later. Why? Because of The Darling Buds of  May. I might have a girl crush on their lead singer Jessie Gordon, with her pin-up girl sass and out of this world voice. I wanted a picture with her but… shy. Their entire set of jazz, swing, dixieland jazz got me on a high for the rest of the day. Imminent Monday blues? Mundane rest of the week? Sunburn? PFFFFFT.

The weekend be a-coming !



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