Not even Super, its Supagolf.

I think I still cringe at things that are spelt weirdly, like said activity above.

I must have been hiding in a hole somewhere because I’ve seen mini golf many a time but never heard of Supagolf . We decided that we were having too many chill out sessions and probably needed to go explore more areas of the state we live in. That’s the thing right there, I like the idea of being able to explore a place you think you know so well.

So, Oasis Supagolf is in Swan Valley, nestled amongst the vineyards. The mini golf contraptions were getting my attention, but these massive clubs and tennis sized golf ball got me so amused !


I left my caddy at home ( :D) so thank goodness I only had to choose from “Big Boy”, ” Striker”, ” Jigger” (haha !) and “Putta”. I imagined that if there was some kind of weird golf cartoon, these would be the names of the clubs. And I wouldn’t watch that cartoon.

Turns out, 9 holes of Supagolf is hardly what you would call relaxing. I think this pretty much sums of the state we were in by the 6th hole.


I figured it might be quite obvious who was going to bomb out of this one, judging by our history of athleticism and poise.



But who knew, we had the same score 😉 *Fist pump and Harlem Shake*

But to be honest, I think this picture probably sums up my Supagolf experience better. Have a good look, have a good laugh and have a splendid week ahead.




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