What I’ve Been Up To

Honestly, nothing much. Which explains my procrastination on a blog post ahhh hopefully my upcoming Perth trip will help in churning a couple more posts.

So, I’ve just been really occupied with going for interviews, going for orientations after the interviews, discovering my new found love in perhaps, forensic or criminal psychology, and it has finally dawned on me that perhaps, child psychology is not my cup of tea. I’ve always persisted with the idea that I was a child psychology sort of person, and of course, eventually I wanted to work with children. But after several rounds of interviews involving kids, I have since given up that thought.

This is probably the only kid (for now) that I can entertain for more than half an hour.Image



Oh and speaking of interviews, I am no longer a redhead. Surprisingly, I got used to it pretty fast and am now enjoying my brown hair! The brown is fading really quickly with each wash though, I can already see the red undertones.

From this:Image


To this now! Bye red hair ): I will miss you, you were so much fun for two years!


Moving on, today is the last day of the Lunar Chinese New Year! I actually feel a little sad, the festive period is officially over! I have no idea when the next public holiday will be ): Oh, I just realised we attended church on the 1st day of the LNY and the last day of it. Indeed, Jesus is the centre of everything!

Reunion Dinner





1st/2nd day of LNY. My family decided to take a roadtrip to Malaysia but I gave it a miss and stayed in Singapore!




Also, checked out the location of our new house!!! I am SO EXCITED!


Thats about it for now, I think. Perth is about a week’s time, please let the weather be good! See you Sherry ❤ ❤ ❤ MWAH!





2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To

  1. may I know where did you get the blue printed dress/playsuit in the post? when you are talking about your red hair and you wrote: ‘from this: ‘

    thank you!

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