5 Things.

While the summer rages on here, its raining and flooding pretty fierce in other parts, so stay safe and dry won’t you?

I haven’t been in the most summery of moods of late, but in an effort to change that, I’ve decided to identify 5 things that have contributed to my fleeting moment of un-unhappiness.

1. Bite Sized Epic Read

Bone by Jeff Smith. What started out as three Bones going on an adventure has turned into one epic quest, but not too epic (cue Orcs and Dwarfs and Elves :/) thank goodness.

My company before bed these days, to compensate for my less than epic days. Perks of having a nerdy other.

2. Nice smells before bed

Laline’s Body Souffle in Musk.

I was thinking I might give up on it before I even got through the huge tub. But now I think lugging it back was such as good idea. What they call Musk, basically smells like clean babies. After all, according to the psychology of design, specific smells have predictable psychological effects. Smelling pleasant scents also puts us into a generally good mood, making us more apt to recall pleasant memories and possibly makes us more creative. I’ll leave that to your discretion. I just appreciate smelling nice before bed.

3. Hydration

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

I have no idea how, I just know my it doesn’t hurt to smile after this goes on my face at night.

4. New Toy

Action Sampler

This came as a Christmas gift. Time to find me some action to sample !

5. Quiet Getaways.


Sometimes all you really need is some sun, sand a large body of water and quiet. I never thought I’d be alright without some form of noise or another.

Looking forward to another weekend !



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