There’s Sundays, and then there are those other days.

You know the year is drawing to a close when you see families clamouring for Christmas decorations at Ikea on a Sunday. Honestly, I can’t wait. Although my academic year is done, my holidays haven’t started. There are still many small little things that need attention, like small little attention seeking children *cringe*.

Settled for a chilled out Sunday (after a seemingly hectic week) at the Maylands Street Festival. Its teeny compared to the Beaufort Street Festival, which I really should have gone for. But I still managed to get same beautiful cheeses and this extremely tasty smoke salmon dip to bring to a chill out sesh that evening. Win !

Haaaaaaave you met Nad?

Finally got to take out the vintage tennis skirt for a spin. There was just never really a day for it, you get what I mean? I wasn’t sure if Kent (housemate #2) was ready to make his blog debut yet so I had to crop myself out.


I am aware of the gross lack of photos. But in my defence, I got traumatized by a ‘Nice’ gentleman who demanded I delete my photo of some retro aprons that he was selling. I may or may not have developed a phobia of taking photos now. How Claire?

After a nice stroll around Ikea, scouting for a potentially new bookcase for next year, Nad and I ended up in New Norcia at Mt. Hawthorne. They sold out of bread and butter puds, but the chocolate and orange one Nad had was good enough to make up for it.

Chocolate and Orange Brioche from New Norcia Bakeries.

So that was Sunday. And then there is today, Monday. D’s away, Claire’s home, Nad’s out, I’ve woken up at 8 am and done all the paper work I can stomach in one morning. The rest of the day proceeds to go by in a blur. Sad Panda.

Hope your weekend was awesum possum !

Sherry xo.


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