Short suits and short hair.

Finally, life is good. For Claire and I, the thesis is done, the exam is done. While I’m typing this up, D is making creme brulee for our dessert tonight. So, life is good. For now. The only bad thing? Claire has gone back to the little island and we’re commencing our long distance relationship.

I know the matching suit jacket and shorts trend caught on long ago. But I’ve been reluctant to hop on that bandwagon for some reason. They’ve mostly been too loud for my liking. Then again, my wardrobe is guilty of being predominantly black, white grey. Colour? I’m working on it.

But then this caught my eye while browsing the SS12 collection of fcuk.

Electric Meadow Jacket and Shorts. Taken from

I love that its got a relaxed feel to it as compared to some spiffy looking suit jackets I’ve seen. And yet, it still looks classy. So after repeated visits to the fcuk website I find myself liking more and more things from their SS12. And then I realized. It was because of HER HAIR. I want HER HAIR (and her suit jacket and shorts). Because, there is something you should know. Having short hair is addictive. Twas not long ago that hair adorned my shoulders but after that one dramatic cut, it’ll be awhile before I go back. Its so addictive that I might just take Mr. Schuman’s advice and think about…The boy cut.

The Boy Cut. Taken from

Have a good weekend !
Sherry xo.


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