Stolen Time.

Definitely more satisfying than time you know you have. When you’re meant to be doing something else.

The house mate is home from her travels in Europe, so we decided it was time for a proper catch up. Naturally, it was back to our ‘Maylands’ routine. Mrs S for lunch, browsing the shops, then Sherbet for tea.

Day Out
Sherbet’s Three layer red velvet cake, Mrs S sundry rack, Mrs S ‘Spring Fling’ Salad, Hanging Plants, Hot Stuff, Mrs S wall mural.

It’s only been two months, and the antique shop that used to be there is now three shops- a vintage shop, a florist and a quaint boutique. Not that I’m complaining, but that antique shop used to be so mysterious. It was like a small piece of memory from some household resided there, from the elegant mirrors to the polished china. In a way, those bits and bobs were living on stolen time too.

Sherry. xo.


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