Sights and Sounds

After the fun that was Halloween, we tell ourselves its time to buckle down and hit the books. But who are we kidding. There’s always something out there that’s way more enticing.

Like finding a new sound…

Let’s Buy Happiness is a 5 piece British “alternative rock” (who comes up with terms like this?) group that is on replay for me. There’s something about Sarah Hall, the lead singer. Without a doubt, her voice is something else but I like her style. There’s nothing fancy about it but yet it speaks volumes. Plus, she can be in a band with four other guys 0.o.

Or Digging up an old friend…

Vintage Sunnies

Or seeing a piece of art competed…

So tell me again, what’s my incentive for learning how to assess neuropsychological functioning ?

Also, either I’ve been doing the gangnam style dance in my sleep or just sleeping really badly. I wake up with the most awful hair. Any ideas? Or its time to whip out the summer hats.

D: Wine, Sofa, Cat, Fireplace, Book. Kap poola Kap ?

Sherry xo


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