It was 9am on a Thursday morning. I saw Claire’s sizzling red hair enter the lecture room and I thought “Wow”.  Before I knew it, she was semi- kneeling next to me for our honours photo shoot. And that was it, Claire decided that I wasn’t going to spend my honours year being a lonely worry wart, deranged from all that writing and data analysis.


To match that amazing red hair, Claire has an even more colourful personality. Being around her sometimes feels like you’ve had a shot or two of (insert alcoholic beverage of choice). Enough to make you feel good but far from making you want to bend over and throw up. She’s responsible for most of the eyeliner I’ve smudged from laughing too hard, for the increase in the number of photos on my Facebook profile and for many of the new things I’ve decided to embark on this year.

And of course, Claire is a fashion inspiration. She has a knack for taking certain elements and making them her own. Rather than putting a label on what her style is, Claire just manages to wear something that says who she is – positive, daring passionate and fun. That, to me is fashionable. I clearly have a lot to learn.

Claire will be a long way away soon, as long as the word ‘Mahalanobis’. I can’t say Claire and I go waaaay back, but hopefully I can say that in a couple of decades. Excited as ever to be able to fulfill a little dream together with her. Even though we’re about 2000 over kilometers apart, but hey, what better way to start than to take on two different countries at once !

To dreams, ambitions, challenges, adventures, fun, laughter, shopping and …I have a craving for cold Korean noodles :/

S. xo


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