(The first day I met Sherry and our very first photo together.)

She was not the first person I spoke to, in fact I don’t remember speaking to her at all that day. Did we talk to each other? I thought she was pretty cool, not many girls can carry off short hair. and she is small. I am trying really, really hard not to mention the words “cute” and “tiny”. Over the months, I’ve seen her hair getting shorter. And she wants to go even shorter. Even though she was not the first person I got to know, she was probably the person I got closest to (among the other psychology students) over the next couple of months. I have so many things to say about Sherry, and I don’t know where to start. Probably should use a top- down approach.

Sherry drives a metropolitan grey (she told me specifically) car with a decepticon sticker pasted on one of the windows. That’s how I recognize her car, I cant, for the life of me, remember her carplate number. And she is really good at parallel parking. Sherry always wears quirky/unique shoes, shoes I wish I owned. I have not seen her shoe collection, but I’m assuming it is massive. She also has this fascination with anything polka- dotted (probably genetically inherited) and I’ve noticed that she gets attracted to skirts with funky prints (e.g. musical notes, tennis rackets). Ah speaking of music, she can play the cello, and has offered to play at my wedding (free-of-charge I suppose). I’ve never seen or heard her play, and I cannot actually visualise her carrying a cello. She is 152cm!!! Ok, I should probably get over her size. Sherry’s favourite animal is the sloth. If you are curious to understand why (which I can’t), you’ll have to ask her yourself. She also had a cat for one night.

If I could sum her up in one sentence, Sherry is really one small person with a huge personality. She is not afraid to speak up, and has plenty of ideas and opinions. She is also smart, gives good presentations, and writes well (in a very clear and concise manner). Every time I’m faced with a problem (especially during thesis- writing), she will be there to help, offer her suggestions, go the extra mile to find solutions. She is always smiling, one of the few people I know who laughs till she cries, and always encouraging. One of the things that I really like about Sherry is that she is spontaneous and she walks the talk. If she says that she is going to do something, she’ll do it (like starting this blog, yippee!). Today, she took her first step to getting used to photo- taking by bringing out her camera, so proud of her! She usually takes photos of food after we’re almost done eating or she takes none at all. So far, we’ve been fighting for the position of “smaller face in a picture”.

So, Perth has been amazing for me the past three and a half years, and I think Sherry made this experience a whole lot more exciting and meaningful. Like the cream cheese frosting on top of a red velvet cupcake. I cannot thank God more for this person. So glad I’ve found someone who actually likes the same things as I do, (except coffee and sloths), yay to more psychological discussions, brunches, shopping (vintage or not), and korean noodles!

Love you Sherry and to infinity years of friendship!



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